public void register_mimetype_regex (string mimetype_regex, string interpretation_uri)


Associate a range of MIME-types with a given interpretation type. Registered MIME-types can be looked up with zeitgeist_interpretation_for_mimetype().

If you only need to register one specific MIME-type, it is more efficient to use zeitgeist_register_mimetype() instead of this function.

MIME-types are first looked up by their exact name and then if none is found the regular expressions will be checked as fallbacks.

This library will install a wide range a common mimetypes for you, so unless you have very specific needs you will normally not have to call this function.



A regular expression matching a certain range of mimetypes. Eg. text/.* to match all text subtypes.


A URI defining the subject interpretation type to associate with the matched MIME-types

Namespace: Zeitgeist
Package: zeitgeist-2.0